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Portable Restrooms in Maryland and the DC Metro Area

Portable Restrooms

There are a few things you absolutely need in life, and a bathroom is one of them. But sometimes that’s more complicated than you’d like, especially when you’re planning an outdoor event. The answer: portable restrooms, sometimes known as porta-a-potties or porta-johns. Whether you’re planning an elegant party, a day-long sports or music festival, or a months-long construction project, a clean, portable bathroom can keep your guests or workers happy and healthy.

What Events Need Portable Restrooms?

We say there’s no such thing as too many bathrooms, so almost any event in the DC metro area can benefit from portable restrooms, no matter where it’s held. If you’ve ever waited in a long line for a standard bathroom, you’ll probably agree! But the events that most benefit from port-a-potties are those held outdoors. Give your guests or workers easy access to a clean, comfortable bathroom to make parties more fun and job sites more efficient.

  • Festivals and Concerts: With large gatherings, sanitary facilities are a must. Our high-capacity units can handle a crowd.
  • Weddings and Corporate Events: You’ve put a lot of thought into the details of your event; don’t let substandard bathrooms spoil the effect!
  • Marathons and Sporting Events: All those sports drinks have to go somewhere. Give athletes a place to freshen up after their run.
  • Construction Sites: Convenient bathroom access means workers don’t waste time traipsing all over to find a restroom, and they won’t track mud or dirt into your facility.

If you’re planning an event or project and think you’ll need portable toilets, contact us online to get a quote! We’ll take some information on your plans, then give you a quote and a recommended configuration.

Our Products

We offer portable restrooms and other equipment to meet your sanitation needs in Maryland and the DC metro area:

  • Hi-Rise Units: The classic unit, with covered floors and ventilation.
  • Deluxe Units: Our most popular units are stable and private, with thoughtful touches like a coat hook and mirror.
  • Handicapped-Accessible Units: These large units will easily accommodate wheelchairs, and they include handrails and pneumatic door closures for easy use.
  • Handwashing Stations: As we adjust to life with COVID-19, effective handwashing is more important than ever. Keep a handwashing station near the restroom area, and consider adding others around the venue to encourage frequent scrub-ups.
  • Water Tanks: Whether it’s for handwashing or other uses, sometimes you need extra water. Our tanks hold up to 250 gallons and adapt to most plumbing configurations.
  • Restroom Trailers: If you have an extra-large crowd or want to add extra touches to your restroom setup, our trailers are just the ticket. Our largest trailer includes amenities like interior and exterior lighting, Bluetooth sound systems, marble countertops, and tile floors.

Interested in finding out which of our portable restroom units is right for your venue? Let our team match you with the perfect portable bathroom. Get in touch today!

FAQs About Portable Restrooms

There are several factors that help determine how many portable restrooms you’ll need. One of them, of course, is the number of people at the event; but you’ll also need to consider things like the length of the event and whether alcohol will be served. Contact us for our recommendation.

Typically, you’ll need a permit at parks or on other public property, like a sidewalk or street. To be certain, check with your county for their particular regulations.

Portable restrooms must be placed on a level surface, and they must be within 20 feet of a hard surface for easy servicing.

Contact SaniJohn today to learn more about our portable toilet rental services. We’re based in Beltsville, Maryland, but we serve the DC metro area.