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Sanitation and Portable Toilets for Graduation Ceremonies in Washington, DC

Perfect for Your Graduation Event

Eighteen years go by in a blink. One minute, Mom and Dad are changing their baby’s diapers. The next moment, they’re helping their grown-up offspring fill out change-of-address cards as they head off to college or move into their own place. Graduation is a special day, and no one wants to spend it waiting in line to use the restroom. When graduation day arrives, portable toilets ensure that no one is in line when their loved one’s name is called and a diploma is handed over.

Portable Potties Help Beat the Crowds

As social life begins to resume across the country, it’s also signaling a return of graduation ceremonies. While most have strict limits on attendance, families are eager to gather and celebrate the achievements of the next generation of doctors, teachers, shopkeepers, mechanics, and more. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate, and portable potties make it possible for everyone to gather in public parks, school stadiums, amphitheaters, and other venues where these graduation ceremonies are being held.

Portable Potties Are Perfect for the After Party

Graduation class throwing their caps in the air.

From family visiting from out of town to your child’s classmates, you are going to want to have a party to celebrate. Installing a couple of porta-potties outside helps alleviate pressure on your private bathrooms. It also allows you to contain the party outside and minimize the germs guests inevitably bring with them to the party. 

Our teams work closely with homeowners to properly position the porta-potty on the property. We ensure that the unit is leveled and positioned in compliance with area health and safety codes, HOA regulations, and more. From installation and maintenance to removal and cleanup, we will take care of your graduation party’s portable toilets so that you can focus on entertaining guests and bragging about your child’s accomplishments and future career plans.

We encourage you to contact SaniJohn Services at (202) 926-4062 for more information about the portable toilets we offer for graduations in Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland.    

FAQs About Portable Restrooms

There are several factors that help determine how many portable restrooms you’ll need. One of them, of course, is the number of people at the event, but you’ll also need to consider things like the length of the event and whether alcohol will be served. Contact us for our recommendation.

Typically, you’ll need a permit at parks or on other public property, like a sidewalk or street. To be certain, check with your county for their particular regulations.

Portable restrooms must be placed on a level surface, and they must be within 20 feet of a hard surface for easy servicing.

Contact SaniJohn Services today to learn more about our portable toilet rental services. We’re based in Beltsville, Maryland, but we serve the DC metro area.