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Sanitation and Portable Toilets for Weddings in Washington, DC

There’s a lot to cross off your list when planning a wedding. Make sure you don’t forget about making sure you and your guests have a clean and comfortable restroom. If your wedding or reception is outdoors at a venue that doesn’t have restrooms, you’ll need to rent portable restrooms for your wedding. Turn to SaniJohn for premium level services you can depend on for your big day. Our high-quality sanitation services and portable toilet rentals are perfect for any size wedding, anywhere. As guests enjoy celebrating, you can have peace of mind knowing they’ll have a great experience with clean and professional restrooms.

If you’re planning your wedding and need quality sanitation services, contact SaniJohn now. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and create custom services to make your wedding guests comfortable and happy. You can also request a quote online.

Wedding Services and Products

SaniJohn provides a variety of product rentals and services to ensure your wedding is an event to remember. You can always expect clean and professional products delivered on time, experienced and dependable staff, and competitive pricing. Our offerings include:

  • Hi-rise units. These units include 60-gallon capacity tanks, reducing the amount of service required. Each unit includes a urinal, toilet with seat and cover, toilet paper dispenser, interior lock, ventilation, and covered floors and roof.
  • Deluxe units. This unit has reinforced walls offering more stability and privacy. It includes a urinal, toilet, toilet paper dispenser, ventilation, mirror, hand sanitizer, coat hook, and internal lock with “occupied” indicator.
  • Handicapped-accessible units. These units are extra sturdy and include handrails for special needs and wheelchairs. It comes with all the features of our deluxe units with near ground level access.
  • Hand-wash stations. Our portable hand-washing sinks come double-sided and are equipped with two 30-oz. soap dispensers and a 210-gallon freshwater tank.
  • Water tanks. Our non-potable water tanks have up to 250 gallons of holding capacity. They adapt to most plumbing configurations.

    Give SaniJohn a call today to discuss your needs for your wedding. We’ll be happy to go over your
    options and pricing with you and put your wedding on our schedule!


Orders placed before 3 p.m. will be delivered the next business day. If you ordered ahead of time for your event, you units will be delivered on the date and time agreed upon.

We strive to remove units the same day your wedding is over but will always have the units removed within 48 hours. We’ll provide you with a guaranteed removal time.

We absolutely provide delivery and pickup during weekends.

Contact SaniJohn today to set up portable restroom services for your upcoming wedding.